Nepeta Mirror

A Website / Repository Mirror of Nepetas Work, before she left the community.

Hey! Suka here. I'm taking liberty upon myself to close off Nepeta's Mirror. This is due to many developers continuing what she has made or are creating their own versions. Developers such as Conor and Kritanta have done well, and I personally see no reason to keep this up because of it. I will be taking this repository offline once it's April 1st (and no, it's not an April Fools prank). Thanks for your understanding! (Note: This repo will be open-source, but no longer accessible via your package manager)</h4>
  • You can now download her GitHub files (open-source files) off the website via this link:
  • If you wish to add this repository to your selected package manager, please add the URL:
    Note: This repository is completely up to date. None of the work supplied in the repository is made by Chr0nicT. All work in here is licensed under MIT, and therefore, there's no copyright infringement in place. If Nepeta herself requests for removal, she can do so by privately dming @Chr0nicT on Twitter or @Sukarodo. If any other developer that is apart of this repository such as Easy-Z, Chilaxan, or Chloe wishes to have their tweaks removed, please DM Chr0nic or Suka. All requests will be handled.</h5> </center>